Kimi no.
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Sitio web oficial España Enlaces externos editar).Ganadora Círculo Femenino de Críticos de Cine Mejor Femenino Animado Kimi no.Taki suddenly remembers that if he is in premios her fuertes body, Mitsuha must be in kimi his, so he runs back to the premios mountain to find her, having forgotten about the timeline separation.La película contiene las siguientes interpretaciones: Linterna de Sueños premios ( loteria Yume tr ) Vida Pasada ( Zen zen Zense ) Chispa ( Supkuru) Nada ( Nan demonai ya) Otros medios editar Novela editar La novela escrita por Makoto Shinkai fue publicada el 18 de junio.Both can sense each other on the mountain, yet they cannot see each other.Japan Search Awards de dicho año.While riding frigo separate trains, Taki and Mitsuha are stunned to see each other when their trains parallel, where premios they both conclude that they were searching for someone.América Latina desde agosto del mismo año.Taki arrives at the shrine, and finds the 'kuchkamizake' he brought to the shrine covered in moss, proving that the Mitsuha he knew had been from three years ago, kimi and that their timelines fundacion had been apart the whole time.13 profesora de literatura de Mitsuha, Katsuhiko y Sayaka.One day, Taki wakes up back in his body, and finds that Mitsuha has actually set up a date quiniela for him and Miki, which he is utterly unprepared for.12 la cabeza del santuario familiar y la abuela de Mitsuha y Yotsuha.It was nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.".25 Fue la película más taquillera del año 2016 en Japón, recaudando 20 500 millones de yenes, unos 174 millones de dólares. 3 de noviembre de 2016.
Sayaka Ohara como Futaha Miyamizu Miyamizu Futaha?
It also reveals that the other pieces of the comet fragment landed directly on where she was standing, presumably killing her as Taki hopelessly shouts for her to run.

She says she won't forget, yet, just like Taki, immediately forgets right after the empresa 3rd repeat.Premios educacion Satellite 38 Mejor Película Animada Kimi no.Rynosuke Kamiki como Taki Tachibana quiniela premios Tachibana Taki?Consultado el 2 de premios septiembre de premios 2016.Both cortometrajes laugh, but only realizing that vial twilight is almost over then. La película premios está nacionales inspirada en la novela del mismo premios nombre escrita por Shinkai que fue publicada el 18 de junio de 2016.
Taki then asks himself, "Why does the scenery of a town that no longer exists wring my heart so?" The next day, both wake up and cortometrajes head towards their respective destinations, in the first cutscenes seen after the comet at the beginning.
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Su apellido literalmente significa «santuario de agua».
Taki then writes on Mitsuha's hand while saying, "Mitsuha, let's write our names on each other's hands, so when we wake up, we don't forget." However, though Taki premios is able to finish writing, Mitsuha gets as far as one stroke before Taki is thrown back.