los premios 40 principales

Contents, history, top 40 music station once is the most important in Spain, with 4,089,000 listeners in 2012, and the second premios strand of the country radio audience just behind the Cadena SER, in the same group.
1987 The Top premios 40 stations are independent from Cadena SER, becoming Chain Top.In 2004, the alarm Anda Ya!In early October 2011, and due to lack of money, the prisa group (owner of Cadena Ser, Cadena Dial Cadena 40 Principales and who often shared DTT) often gives way to Mediaset.Since then the three chains premios DTT broadcasts ceased, although other platforms are still transmitting normally.#los40news, se viralizó una principales foto de una modelo con el principales mismo aspecto que la cantante.Thanks to the success of the program, and increased FM transmitters principales and receivers, Top 40 daily premios duration was increased in 1979 to reach 24 hours of daily broadcast stations radiofórmula new Top 40, still belonging to the Cadena SER.Independent from the Top 40 Awards made in Madrid, Spain and some awards in different categories.Los Premios premios 40 Principales España, notes: Special awards not included.Text is available under the, cC BY-SA.0 license; additional terms may apply. 1992 His creator and sole director until principales then, Rafael Revert, leaves the station.

2009 In mid-March of that same bolsa year to expand WDM is terminated by the Chain Top 40 countries including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina and premios Chile.#los40news, la cantante utilizó las redes sociales para dar su opinión.#los40news, una de las colaboraciones más esperadas del año.In 2010, Frank White is awarded the Gold Antenna Federation of Radio and Television Spain1.Emission begins across Spain Top 40 satellite.2008 Arrives Lopéz WDM Luis Saez to Latin America through Colombia Top.Luis Merino is appointed new director and gives a twist to the station by focusing an audience under 25 years trying to corner the market between 16 and 20 years.1991 Celebrate the 25th Anniversary.1990 begins airing regularly on television the list from 40 to 1, Canal by Fernandisco.In premios September of that same días year, one of his most famous speakers, José Antonio Abellán, leaves the station.La Oreja de Van Gogh breaks the record audience with the release of their single rag días doll.The program Your place or mine got in 2000 Ondas Award Most Innovative Radio Program, original and for their service to society.Awards/nominations to collaborations premios of two or more acts are counted bolsa for everyone involved.#los40news, malas noticias para sus fans.2008 Hit40 born in Chile in Santiago cinco 101.7 premios MHz. 2000 was internationalize its presence in Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.
2012 In November born America Awards premios Top 40 in Veracruz, Mexico.
2009 In March Hit40 going to take again the name of the 40 Main Chile on the same frequency 101.7 MHz Santiago de Chile and under the same format with Hit40 driving, but with the modification of some programs.