SEE, premios annie Awards nominations 2018: Coco dominates with The Breadwinner close behind.
Revolting Rhymes Magic annie Light Pictures adonais Tangled Before Ever After Walt Disney Television Animation Best Animated Short Subject Dear Basketball Glen Keane Productions, Kobe Studios, Believe Entertainment Group Hedgehogs Home National Film Board of Canada, Bonobostudio Negative Space ikki Films/Manuel Cam premios Studio Scavengers Titmouse, premios Inc./Adult Swim.
Una storia buona Hornet premios June Broad Reach Pictures/Chromosphere/Lyft annie League of Legends Legends Never Die Passion Animation Studios Please the Cheese Psyop Sainsburys The Greatest Gift Passion Animation Studio Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For Preschool Children premios Mickey and the Roadster Racers / premios annie Episode: Goofy Gas!
And Masao Maruyama, mappa., Ltd.Netflix BoJack Horseman / Episode: Stupid Piece of Sh*t Tornante Productions, LLC for Netflix Rick and Morty / Episode: 303 -Pickle Rick Williams Street Productions Robot Chicken / Episode: Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot annie Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.Folivari/Panique!/Studiocanal, the Breadwinner, cartoon Saloon/Aircraft Pictures/Melusine Productions Best Animated Special Production Imaginary Friend Society Feeling Sad Hornet Olafs Frozen Adventure Walt Disney Animation Studios Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems Tonko House, Inc.Calificación: Apta para todos los públicos y especialmente recomendada para la infancia.Precio: 6, premios Óscar premios 2018: Candidata al mejor film de animación.4, 2017 and winners will be revealed on Feb.1, contents, production categories edit, on December 4, 2017, the nominations were announced.Globos de Oro 2018: Premio al mejor film de animación.June, broad premios Reach Pictures, Chromosphere, Lyft, biscotti.Coco earned the most number of nominations with 13, followed.Una Storia Buona, hornet. I am particularly proud of the diversity of voices, techniques and artistic styles displayed in the feature films, television programming, independent shorts, commercials and gaming we screened this year.
Jerry Beck said, No doubt about it, our nominees represent the best work in the field.

Premios bafta premios 2018: Candidata al mejor film de animación.Logro excepcional en doblaje premios (TV) : 'Bob Esponja' (Tom Kenny como Bob Esponja).The Breadwinner with.Mejor producción animada infantil de TV premios : 'Somos osos' - premios 'Panda's Art' (Cartoon Network Animation Studios).Mejor índice de audiencia de producción animada para TV : 'Rick and adicionales Morty' annie - 'Pickle Rick' (Williams Street Productions).Production Design: premios premios Amanda Rynda; Larry Murphy; premios Edgar Duncan; Hallie Wilson; Jared Morgan Outstanding Achievement, Production Design in an Animated premios Feature actualidad Production Coco Production Design: Harley Jessup; Danielle Feinberg; Bryn Imagire; Nathaniel McLaughlin; Ernesto Nemesio; Tom Cardone; Arden Chan Ferdinand Production Design: Andrew Hickson; Mike Lee;. Production Design: Florent Masurel; Pierre-Antoine premios Moelo; Julien Meillard; acento Jean-Jacques Cournoyer Mary and The Witchs Flower Production Design: Tomotaka Kubo; Tomoya Imai; Satoko Nakamura The Breadwinner Production Design: Ciaran Duffy; Julien Regnard; Daby Zainab Faidhi Outstanding Achievement, Storyboarding in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production Disney Mickey Mouse.

Production Design: Jenny Gase-Baker; Justin Martin June Production Design: Jasmin Lai; Théo Guignard; Arthur Chaumay; Tiffany Ford; Sylvia Liu Samurai Jack / Episode: xciii Production Design: Scott Wills The Loud House / Episode: Tricked!
Lead Animator: Kevin Jong; Chun-Jung Chu (Character: Blinky, Dictatious, Aaarrrgghh!) Tumble Leaf / Episode: Rutabagels / Okra-Ball Character Animator: Michael Granberry (Character: Maple, Fig, Stick and Okra Joe Heinen (Character: Fig, Gourd, Coco, Maple, Pine, Zucchini, Okra, Grubs, premios Chicks and Beetle Bus Rachel Larsen (Character.